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Return To Azeroth

30 Apr

After a two year break from possibly the most addictive MMORPG in the world what fate would await me upon my return?

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D&D sessions what goes on

7 Aug

Its probably going to come as a surprise to the casual gamer of what conversations happen around the gaming table particularly in the 4th edition FR campaign I play in, as a bard my character is constantly subjected to vicious mockery of “you suck” to the direct quotes of a popular series called Dorkness Rising with action suggestions such as seduce him your a bard.

As well as in game conversations somneone will invariably bring up Gandalfs quote from FOTR “You shall not pass” coupled with one occasion where we faced a young weakened beholder (cue Patrick Moore jokes) a fair amount of our gaming sessions are taken up with humorous suggestions and euphemisms such as you have been fisted against your will to the reply of well we had only just met and I thought it was a bit too soon for that sort of thing, but thats what our D & D sessions are about in essence fun humour and a good gaming session are our main priorities when playing. I try to emphasise the fun part heavily in my own campaign whilst also ensuring a heavy influence of storyline into the mix as well.

If you want to find out what is happening in the loudwater campaign barrow of the Ogre king I would recommend you check this link, Loudwater and Beyond

Involving children in Dungeons and Dragons

4 Aug

My step daughter Caitlyn has some very similar interests to me we both like lord of the rings etc. A copy of the monster manual from 4th edition piqued her interest one day when she asked me what it was identifying a dragonlike creature within the book only compounded her interest as we looked through various monsters from the Kobold to the Lamia whilst I explained what each monster did to her as simply as I could.

I know some people will probably say that teaching a three year old how to play a game that was developed primarily for teenagers is slightly irresponsible however my argument against this is “Children who play Dungeons and Dragons are more likely to have a larger vocabulary and logical mind then those that don’t. I do not know if this has been scientifically proven but lots of celebrities including Vin Diesel and Mike Meyers have played at some part of  their lives or another.

I hope that when my children are older they will want to help me with possible campaigns and storylines for the group or become players in their own right.

Starting a Blog, what was I thinking?

4 Aug

After writing a guest post for my wife on The Real Supermum Blog. I realised that I really enjoyed writing it, having that ability to offload. The problem is, I’m not really that good at anything except DnD and being a Dad, so I thought why not combine the two. And here I am, I don’t think it will do quite as well as some other blogs that will warrant me paying the yearly subs for a .com, but at least I have somewhere to come and offload. I will also be keeping the Legacy of Tarrasque page updated and the details of the Magic League will be added as and when my friends have got their fingers out of their arse’s. As I said, I am a father so there will be quite a few posts about the kids and I may even let my wife post a few bits up, that’s if she’s not to swamped with her other blogging commitments.

I will get more posts up as they come into my brain, for now I will leave you with a welcome and please follow me on twitter @Dannywhyley

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