Legacy of Tarrasque

You were all slaves on board a slavers vessel where you were due to be sold in the city of Pavelock, however rough seas caused the ship to run aground near the dreaded Sea of Fangs after three weeks of forced marching your captors lead you through the Scarred Lands and through to the elven settlement of Treetop village which used to be within the treetops but has since found itself grounded. However before your captors and yourselves arrived there was a skirmish with a group of ettins which left your captors dead but before they could turn their attention to yourselves you managed to free yourselves from your bonds and escaped with some of their equipment heading off to the eleven settlement you heard the slavers talking about. When you get there however you see the villages gates are shut and from above a wooden wall an Archer shouts “these ain’t goblins”.

Adventure Log

Gaming session 5

July 31, 2011 08:49

As the party slept recovering from their last fight Casdin observed four undead making their way towards the group the bright and sprightly rogue alerting his allies to the danger immediately resulted in Leshanna firing a magic missile at a zombie before the melee experts could get in Casdin flanking with Kosh and Kadish to bring the undead to a halt.

Along the cave Leshanna recalled somthing she had remembered from history knowing that these caves often had escape routes from towers and other buildings using this information they found a door hidden behind some moss which lead into the tower.

This room was a strange one there were two dead humans bearing a strange motif as well as what looked to be a half orc inside a cage as Casdin went to investigate one of the large vases in the room, there was a worrying sound as four deathjump spiders entered trying to kill the adventurers they wold have succeeded if it wasnt for Kosh’s healing prowess meanwhile the half orc creature bent open the cage bars grabbed one of the bars and swung it straight into the head of one of the spiders.

Begrudgingly respectful of this act Gruumbar nodded with respect and then enquired what tribe this half orc was from as the half orc went to retrieve his equipment Leshanna inspected the font which she found to have been blessed by Vecna, whilst Casdin toyed with a lever which opened up to show a tunnel with a room which appeared to contain 8 boxes, as Casdin charged to investigate the boxes he became engulfed part way through in the body of a gelatinous cube in a desperate attempt to save him the adventurers fought valiantly against the ooze creature with Casdin taking severe amounts of acid damage whilst Gruumbar smacked the creature with his macetail behemoth rage before Casdin could deliver the killing blow on the creature.

As the party retired for an extended rest both Kosh and Leshanna were concerned why was there an undead threat here?
what were the two bodies of humans doing in the other room.

gaming session 4

July 12, 2011 13:40

It was a familiar sight for the half orc as he stood at the bar drinking a tankard of wine although he preferred the strong ale as brewed by his tribe he had to admit the taste was growing on him, he observed several adventurer types also in the tavern. The door opend and 4 guards were dragging a dwarf along with them an elf in the tavern seemed quite surprised to see this dwarf and Gruumbar reasoned that this was down to them knowing each other the Goliath attempted to engage in conversation with the dwarf in his native tongue only for the truth to be revealed the dwarf transformed into it’s true self a doppelganger who screamed “die would be assassin of the white dragon”, before they attempted to attack the elf, the mention of the word dragon was enough to pique Grummbar’s and the other adventurers interests as they turned to help this elven person, after the penultimate guard dropped the elf picked up a duelists blade remaining guard fled attempting to evade the adventurers who were succesful in tracking down the escaping guard who had regrouped with some halflings who peppered the adventurers with sling stones before again fleeing to regroup in a cave, as the adventurers entered the cave they were greeted by a mage and two beserkers who the adventurers slaughtered with relative ease. Further into the cave the adventurers continued despatching a couple of zombies en-route as well as succesfully spotting a holy symbol lying partially covered in dirt.

gaming session 3

July 12, 2011 13:31

As the Adventurers ventured into what they thought would be the last room they noticed it was extremely cold in here and dark attempting to remedy this Zanne chucked a sun rod illuminating the room where they could just see a pool of ice unfortunately for them they didnt see the white dragon who was waiting for them he roared triumphantly spraying the adventurers with his icy breath. Horgar retaliated brandishing the fury of his god onto the dragon but it was in vain as the dragon tore him asunder Zanne,Casdin and Valna startled by the demise of their dwarven friend worked together to try and avenge the brave dwarf but despite fighting valiantly were unable to overcome such a beast as the dragon tore Zanne and then Valna to pieces before pursuing Casdin out of the cavern. Casdin knew that he had escaped within mere inches of his life as fled the cavern he decided to leave his brave allies to their unfortunate fate.
He returned to the Loaded goblet full of remorse for the loss of his comerades.

gaming session 2

July 12, 2011 13:17

As the Adventurers ventured further into the caverns they came across a strange room with suits of armour stood in a corner an altar dedicated to Tiamat had been constructed incensed by this Horgar after helping his allies dispatch the kobold foes decimated the altar. After leaving this room they came across a room where there was a strange game in progress being played by kobolds the adventurers fought bravely and Casdin found himself knocked into the strange pool of green goo. After destroying the kobolds and some lizard like creatures the PC’s came to a large room where a fanatical wyrmpriest stood pulling a lever revealing a large boulder trap which proved to be a foolish action as the boulder crushed several of the wyrmpriests allies. After overcoming this encounter Horgar claimed a craghammer that he had found amongst the dead.

An Icy Death

June 17, 2011 21:00

As the party entered the final chamber the air became chilly and a large frozen pool could be seen ahead. Zanne activated a sunrod from his pack and tossed it into the centre of the room. They were momentarily shaken when a large white reptillian beast surged toward them, releasing a blast of its icy breath.

With a prayer to Kord, Horgar charged the beast, but was grabbed by its foreclaws. Between its massive talons and its toothy maw, the valiant dwarf was ripped asunder. Casdin and Zanne charged into the beast to avenge their fallen comrade while Valna hung back, supplying ranged support with his archery skills.

The warrior and rogue landed many mighty blows, even managing to batter the dragon to the ground twice but without the healing powers of their dwarven comrade the talons of the dragon took their toll as first Zanne and then Valna dropped to the ground.

Deciding that survival was better than suicide, Casdin summoned all his stealth and managed to evade the dragon until it returned to its resting place. Then using what reserves of energy he could he sprinted for the exit, the draconic fury of the beast nipping at his heels, but thankfully missing by mere inches.

Battered, bruised and alone, Casdin returned to Treetop Village looking for healing, rest and new companions with which to avenge his fallen comrades!

Shale Cliff Caverns

June 03, 2011 22:00

Exploring further into the kobolds lair, the party come across a group of kobolds playing a bizzare game with a skull suspended from the ceiling above a quartet of stone coffins. After disposing of them the next chamber revealed more experienced kobold warriors and one of their twisted wyrmpriests along with a devious trap involving a huge stone boulder (which proved as dangerous to the kobolds as it did to the party). Narrowly defeating the kobolds the party chose to gather their strength before continuing.

Gaming Session 1

May 22, 2011 19:45

Gaming session 1.

__As a group of goblins attempted to storm the gates of Treetop village they were met with firm resistance from the PC’s and a guard who was on duty at the time. Horgar using his religion to smite the goblin invaders whilst Casdin and Zanne relied on good old fashioned sword play to deal with the goblins. Despite Zanne pulling the final blow on the robed goblin the on duty guard who introduced himself as Valna decided to finish him off, they were rewarded with 100gp for protecting the village against the goblin threat. It wasn’t until talking to Baron Von-Heisenberg that the PC’s found out the full story of why the goblins were attacking the village. The baron suggested that the PC’s spoke to paymaster Dietrich of the merchant’s guild for work. Casdin decided he would pay a visit to the local temple which was of Melora where he learnt of a rumour of a dragons egg being taken into the tower near the Shale Cliff Caverns. After speaking to Dietrich in regards to the kobold menace it became clear that the Tower near the Shale Cliff Caverns, was a likely spot to find the kobolds who were preventing traders from Pavelock from entering the Treetop village.

Agreeing to sort out this for the merchants guild the PC’s offered Valna who had not long quit his post as guard to join the group as a guide for them.  After about two hours walking they arrived at a tower  near the Shale Cliff Caverns where there was a single staircase leading down Horgar using a nature check ascertained the stairs had been used recently so Casdin decided to sneak in front down the stairs where they were greeted by what appeared to be a guardroom for the kobolds. A pit filled with green sludge as the PC’s entered the room a kobold carrying a sling hissed intruders before suffering a sneak attack from Casdin.  A couple of well-co-ordinated strikes against the other kobolds resulted in them falling before Zanne held the portcullis up allowing Casdin and Horgar to strike at the two kobolds. After dumping the bodies into the sludge pit Casdin tested the lever for traps before realising the lever just controlled the portcullis.

At the gates of Treetop VillageEdit


May 20, 2011 18:30

You hear the low sound of a hunting horn and the guard on the South Gate blocking entry to the Treetop Village puts an arrow against his bow his demeanour changes from one of indifference to sheer grim determination, what do you do?

Mik Calow Does either Zanne or Horgar recognise the hunting horn (typically goblin or did the slavers carry one)?
Dan you’ll have to roll a nature check
Mik Calow Zanne rolls 14 (Nat 0), Horgar rolls 16 (Nat 4)
Dan Horgar recognises the low sound of a goblin rallying horn by now the guard on the gate (Kitty’s character) is pacing up and down in anticipation of the oncoming fight, you can hear also the excited chattering of crows gathering for the feast.
Mik Calow Horgar readies his weapon and ask’s his companions to stand with him before the gates and assist the defenders against the goblins.
Mik Calow Zanne can understand the Goblin tongue, can he hear any shouts yet, he readies his axe.
Dan Zanne and Valna translate the speech which is saying “The Baron owes Ugluk Stormfart for killing them kobolds yet now he won’t pay kill him”.
Mik Calow Zanne translates what he hears to his companions, but keeps his voice low enough that that the town guards can’t hear him (he doesn’t know them yet and so doesn’t trust them).
Dan Ok the guard signals to someone behind him and shouts “Protect Baron Von-Heisenberg”, with that you see a really nervy looking goblin who by the expression on his face wishes he hadnt been pushed to the front alongside him to the goblins right is another nervy goblin. Roll Initiatives.
Mik Calow how many goblins are there?
Dan There are 9 goblins in total one at the very back is against a large tree granting him partial cover, the two at the front are minions and you can see another two minion like ones rushing forward to join the first two the rustling of the trees to the sides denote 2 more goblins whilst 2 more goblins are standing near a goblin dressed in robes who appears to be telling the other goblins what to do.
Mik Calow Goblin 1 – by tree, 2 x minions at front, 2 x minions behind them, 2 x goblins in trees to side, robed goblin +2 goblins at back. 10 goblins? How many guards on the gates or is it just Valna?
Dan ‎9 goblins and yes Valna is alone.
(taken from internet messages in prep for campaign start)
Valnas initiative is 19

the goblins were somewhat speedier
g1. 23
g2 16
g3 15
g4 6
g5 18
g6 19
g7 18
g8 11
g9 20


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