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Standing up For The Supermums

5 Oct

It seems that when you start blogging be it just for fun or because you wish to inform people of a certain subject/product someone will eventually attempt to shut you down or write negatives about your blogs/opinions. There are many excuses people use for this such as “Ah gee your grammars terrible” to “Well I think you are talking shit”. Fortunately this problem hasn’t yet happened to my little blog I guess I am the unoticed fish in the blog pool. Well this suits me just fine. For some people it seems that the skill of blogging is measured purely by the hits they recieve, rather than the accuracy or quality of the actual articles. I followed my wifes footsteps into the world of blogging and started by writing a guest post on the real supermum website which received good responses from the fellow members.

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Why I am A Niche Blogger

26 Sep

I have seen countless people who write about pretty much anything, my wife is one of those plagued by word vomit we call it, then we have people like myself  who will blog about one or maybe two different subjects and so we are labelled “niche bloggers”, to me that is like saying that people with word vomit blog simply to get hits on their sites. Now before anyone starts I’m not criticising bloggers at all some articles that I have read have been really informative whilst others have melted my heart. In fact I have never read a bad blog post. Continue reading

The strangest bank holiday for quite a while (a tale of D20’s, Hitler and Rassilon)

29 Aug

Let me start off by saying the peculiar events I guess began on Friday the 26th August with me in the Enderby Co-Op I’d been sent there by my wife as we needed some necessities anyway whilst wandering down the aisles of the supermarket (who really knows why these places don’t stack their products in a logical order) I spotted a young man wearing a Dr. Who T-shirt cue the “accidentally” bumping into him and greeting him with “This is the game of Rassilon” and watching how the young man didn’t quite understand what the hell I was on about his reply was equally as funny something along the lines of “and that’s why I don’t do solvents”.

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Random ideas whilst trying to get a baby off to sleep

18 Aug

Ok so let me just paint the scene for those that haven’t got the ability to its in the early hours of the morning and your baby is awake needing a bottle suddenly the idea of a film hits you like a rock in the face the idea simple attack of the rabid killer squirrels (originally I thought of calling it attack of the rabid flick knife wielding squirrels until I realised the fact that squirrels rarely have flick knives). Surprisingly enough at this time the idea that it is actually a good film idea leads me onto my next task the creation of said film. I alreadyhave figured most of the story out just running short on actors etc if you want to help let me know please.

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Riots in the UK and other news

10 Aug

I would like to start off by saying well done Mr. Cameron for making the decision to cut short your Tuscan holiday to help sort out the national emergency  although their were initial reports that he wouldn’t be leaving home early, before deciding to sort and serve the interests of the British public (basically his job).

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