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The First Day of School by Amy from

8 Sep

Well, I was having blogging withdrawal after someone saw fit to report me to WordPress and I now have no posting capability. Dan very kindly made me a user so I could get it off my chest.

I am fuming. I have 2 guest posts to go up and nothing scheduled for tomorrow. Then there’s the fact my little girl started school today, I can’t even write about that and share the pictures. So I’m sharing them here

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Starting a Blog, what was I thinking?

4 Aug

After writing a guest post for my wife on The Real Supermum Blog. I realised that I really enjoyed writing it, having that ability to offload. The problem is, I’m not really that good at anything except DnD and being a Dad, so I thought why not combine the two. And here I am, I don’t think it will do quite as well as some other blogs that will warrant me paying the yearly subs for a .com, but at least I have somewhere to come and offload. I will also be keeping the Legacy of Tarrasque page updated and the details of the Magic League will be added as and when my friends have got their fingers out of their arse’s. As I said, I am a father so there will be quite a few posts about the kids and I may even let my wife post a few bits up, that’s if she’s not to swamped with her other blogging commitments.

I will get more posts up as they come into my brain, for now I will leave you with a welcome and please follow me on twitter @Dannywhyley

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