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Dungeons and Dragons Encounters

1 Mar

So finally after months and months of persistent pestering of the owner of Leicester’s only major game and hobby store Dungeons and Dragons finally arrived in Leicester, many thanks to Vobeskhan for organising this from Wizards Of The Coast. Before the game arrived in Leicester excursions to Nottingham would be our closest available location.

After making a couple of characters for myself just in case as I had no idea what the other players would choose I went for a halfling sorceror build called Dannad (nice easy name) unpredictably Tilly (Vobeskhan’s daughter) went against the grain and decided to use a knight this time, whilst Chris filled the role of healer. (Despite having healing surges it does help still).

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Back to Unfamiliarity

21 Nov

So this Sunday evening just gone I spent playing Dungeons and Dragon’s unsurprisingly enough however on a more interesting note it wasn’t the 4th edition that I have been playing until of late but 3.5 edition.

Yes it’s back to the old spell books armour fatigue and other intricacies which set this edition aside from 4th edition, and the look of bewilderment on the DM’s face when I asked to use my action point was astounding.

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Optional rules for D&D 4th edition Morale, and Starvation.

3 Oct

So the cause of this I guess was I was planning encounters for my Dungeons and Dragons campaign when it suddenly dawned upon me that there were¬†simply no explanation or thoughts about certain things which could affect an encounter i.e. motives of combat and of course the old classic “run away” situation. Being a DM I scoured through the Dungeon Masters Guide first to check for anything to my dismay nothing. In a similar vein to other DM’s on the internet I found several grey areas with no explanation or insight for in a bid to attempt to correct this. I came up with two optional rules for any DM to look at, I must hasten to add that these may not necessarily work with your campaign or you may not agree with them I just chucked the idea into the air really heck if you have a suggestion for me as a DM I’d welcome it, and hell if nothing else you can laugh at my crappy diagrams depicting combat encounters lol.

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How I Became a RPG Enthusiast

3 Oct

I will always remember fondly the day my dad bought home a video copy of clash of the titans for me to watch at the age of five as we sat down to watch it with our sweets I was captivated by the Pegasus, the hero and of course the monsters that the hero fights. Hooked by this genre of film I searched everywhere for books, games anything to do with the fantasy genre. It was inevitable that sooner or later I would come across the fighting fantasy series in particular the book Deathtrap Dungeon being a keen reader of the choose your own adventure series and being raised on a staple diet of Knightmare on TV I was hooked, the book part game part story offered you the chance to be the hero whilst battling monsters and of course trying to foil the evil lords plans. The game had a really simple system two six-sided dice were used to attack and defend with as well as having something that fast became something really amazing to me, The mechanics.

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Millions Of Minions

29 Sep

In this blog I am referring to the denizens of Dungeons and Dragons in particular the minions group the ones that drop like flies in encounters (hopefully) you all know what I mean whether you refer to them as cannon fodder, red shirts or weaklings. Whatever you call them they can play a crucial part in an encounter combined with other types of troops of course.

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