Return To Azeroth

30 Apr

After a two year break from possibly the most addictive MMORPG in the world what fate would await me upon my return?

Well during Wrath Of The Lich King there I was a nice level 80 tank and guild master of my own raiding guild until personal circumstances forced me to consider what was more important to myself. It was decided to not to continue with WoW for a while and so the months passed quietly and quickly and soon raiding became nothing but a distant memory. As I busied my free time by running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign as well as playing and also of course Magic The Gathering this was all in addition to me being a father, there just wasnt enough time to run a guild as well as the other duties.

Why Return?

A question that I asked myself whilst watching another player playing was should I return? this was mainly down to my own responsibilties and duties that could potentially get in my way of raiding and being an effective player as I previously was. It was only upon seeing the newer features did I make the decision to come back.

Whats new?

Well you can’t really class it as new now but since I last played the current version was Wrath Of The Lich King we are now on Cataclysm which offers Tier 13 items. As well of course the level capade is now 85 rather than 80 which doesnt seem to be too much of a level upgrade in exchange for your hard earned cash however the new features more than make up for that two classic instances now have heroic versions of their low level counterparts whilst, there is obviously more raids and instances from the patch and now rather than scrapping against the Lich King the major fight is off against Deathwing who is a particularly naughty dragon, troubling the good people of Azeroth and also seeing fit to re-shape the entire world just for good measure. Gone are some familiar features and in are some new additions even at low level. Possibly the most interesting element however in my opinion is the inclusion of a new profession called archaeology whereas the whole game feels a lot more socially developed with more emphasis on guild achievements which overshadow personal goals. However despite the replacement of gear score with Item levels you will still find the ocasional stuck up elitist in every realm.

Also there are two new races to use the Worgens and Goblins. I cannot comment on these additions as I do not have either of these characters.

Finding Me

If you are reading this and are desperate to come meet me in game I’m on Bronze Dragonflight under the name of nubcakes.


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