Lair Assault Attack Of The Tyrant Claw

22 Apr

Get ready for carnage

A 4e D&D adventure for 6th level characters. A dryad druid named Hyacinth has recently learned of a ruined village called Tanaroa on the shores of the mysterious Isle of Dread. Now she hopes to land there and delve into the ruins of this long-ago society. She has charte…red a ship to the island and hired adventurers to protect her. The job won’t be easy, for a savage clan of orcs called the Tyrantclaw dwells on the island, along with great reptilian beasts. Mayhem and death await, bring a friend!
So Saturday May 5th wil see a band of heroes unite briefly to defeat or die horribly against the challenge. Hosted by Tabletop Tyrants after much petitioning for Dungeons and Dragons events to be held at our local gmaing store by myself and Vobeskhan Lair assault Attack of The Tyrant Claw is the first lair assault to be run in Leicester.


Setting up

So having a couple of weeks to prepare characters and other bits such as conferring with the other attendees to help ensure we have a good mix of classes etc.  (I have elected to play a Warforged Warlord by the name of Tron). Unlike most gaming sessions in Dungeons and Dragons lair assault is non-stop carnage where the players will have one heck of a fight on their hands, there are no extended rests so daily powers are one use affairs for this challenge. Because of the sheer intensity of this gaming session, I would personally not recommend Lair Assault as a way to introduce new players into the game.  As I created ‘Tron’ in the forefront of my mind was trying to make him as effective as possible which is a very good idea to try to achieve. On a slight variation of most sessions the lair assault can be undertaken as many times as the party like within the time limit which means that it is possible to get more than 1 success throughout the session as well as death not being the end.


For this lair assault Vobeskhan will be running the game and his role will be to try and score as many TPK’s (Total Party Kills) as he can in four hours with no doubt much sneering whenever he has succeeded in this, as well as the standard duties handling npc’s and suchlike. Unlike most other gaming sessions the DM is against the group ttying desperatly to kill off as many heroes as they can.

So if your at a loose end why not pop down to Tabletop Tyrants and participate.


One Response to “Lair Assault Attack Of The Tyrant Claw”

  1. vobeskhan April 22, 2012 at 2:50 pm #

    At latest count we have 3 definates and 3 maybes for the six player slots available.
    DnD Dad – Warforged Warlord
    Tilly – EIther a Rogue or Hunter (longow sniper type)
    Daniel Creed – Cavalier (possibly a mounted knight)


    Bill Rourke – Long time D&D player
    Liam Gilliver – Possibly a Warpriest (dependant on baby’s arrival)
    Chris Night – Possible Warpriest (dependant on babysitter)

    Having ran this once in Nottingham already and only managing 1 pc death I’m hungry for blood (or oil in the case of the warforged).

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