Dungeons and Dragons Encounters

1 Mar

So finally after months and months of persistent pestering of the owner of Leicester’s only major game and hobby store Dungeons and Dragons finally arrived in Leicester, many thanks to Vobeskhan for organising this from Wizards Of The Coast. Before the game arrived in Leicester excursions to Nottingham would be our closest available location.

After making a couple of characters for myself just in case as I had no idea what the other players would choose I went for a halfling sorceror build called Dannad (nice easy name) unpredictably Tilly (Vobeskhan’s daughter) went against the grain and decided to use a knight this time, whilst Chris filled the role of healer. (Despite having healing surges it does help still).

What is Encounters?

Usually in a gaming session the players would complete two to three encounters within a gaming session encounters is designed to be broken dwon into weekly installments where a group would complete just one encounter with the average encounter potentially lasting around 2 hours.

The Encounter

As we sat down to game Vobeskhan read out the introduction for the Elder Elemental Eye, which saw our group of miscreant adventurers travelling to the village of Easting where there seemed to be a plague of sorts affecting the folk turning them into demons?

As the cleric suggested quarantine and burn to resolve the problem facing the folks he was convinced finally (although my character did also quite like the idea of burning down a village*) to try to help the villagers who were infected by “abyssal plague” adhering to the request of the towns priest.

As we went to source out torches and other equipment from which to burn the quarantine zone down the three guards guarding the building were ambushed by strange demonic creatures (later confirmed by the DM to be Lashers).

Ack! surprise round for the enemy saw a lasher grab hold of the knights squire and drag him off to the building whilst we were unable to react although our cleric did manage to assist the squire in breaking free (cue the Queen song).

As our knight bravely moved away from the combat leaving the cleric and myself to fight off these lashers the knight realising the house nearby contained no useful items decided to join combat after I fired an acid orb off into the face of a lasher.

Eventually after the death of the squire the party overcame the encounter recieving a prisoner in the process as well as some residium as we gave the residum to the priest in order to conduct a remove disease ritual from a scroll we received treaure XP and renown.


Yes for completing and meeting criteria Wizards Of The Coast grant the players renown points which are gained and stored in order to receive fortune cards for playing the game. The total number of renown points needed to get “freebies” is 20 for your first card.

Next Week

Well next week sees the party of adventurers  interrogating our dwarven prisoner to see what they know about this abyssal plague.


2 Responses to “Dungeons and Dragons Encounters”

  1. vobeskhan March 2, 2012 at 7:56 am #

    You missed out the call for help/squeal like a little girl with pigtails bit lmao

    Good first session, hope the next 10 go as well 🙂


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