Back to Unfamiliarity

21 Nov

So this Sunday evening just gone I spent playing Dungeons and Dragon’s unsurprisingly enough however on a more interesting note it wasn’t the 4th edition that I have been playing until of late but 3.5 edition.

Yes it’s back to the old spell books armour fatigue and other intricacies which set this edition aside from 4th edition, and the look of bewilderment on the DM’s face when I asked to use my action point was astounding.


I personally couldn’t be a Dungeon Master of two editions of this game for many a reason as I had to quickly adjust and put my 3.5 edition hat back on (I know the 4th had left it’s mark on my fringe).  I personally felt like a beginner again which wasn’t an entirely pleasant experience for myself, as I struggled to interpret my character sheet (Cleric of Heironeous) I suddenly felt as if 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons was defining myself as a gamer and of course a Dungeon Master. Although in the past I had been seen almost as a font of knowledge by the group I was playing with yesterday evening this session was definately me acting as the student in this time. As the other players tried to coach me as best they could it was becoming painfully obvious that the learning curve was just a little bit steep for myself.

That was of course until the DM called time for the first break a chance to grab a cup of tea have a cigarette etc. As I smoked my cigarette whilst thumbing through the Players Handbook the old feats, skills and of course the finer more intricate rules flooded back into my mind, and so I was ready for part two.

Part Two

As the group faced off against the goblin horde it occurred to me (curse of being a fellow DM) that this challenge was just a little too easy for the group on a whole although the fact that the goblins were higher up from ourselves the fact that they were all 1HD monsters meant for some easy smacking. That said there is nothing wrong with an easy encounter for a group but if it continues throughout the session or scenario you will tend to have a very disgruntled group of players for me it was the idea situation to get back to grips with the game on a whole.  Sometimes however a player needs that challenge the type where your dice rolls have to be exceptional or you have to use tactical knowledge (cue magic circle against evil) and voila! It was probably the second encounter that the ‘old me’ stepped back into the dungeon taking my Cleric by a firm hand I was there dishing out heals and other restorative spells as and when.

With regards to 3.5 what was a trip down memory lane soon became second nature again.


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