Gaming Essentials

5 Oct

Whether you host Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, or just about anyother type of game similar to these there are some essential ingredients and items you will probably want to purchase prior to hosting. I’m not saying go out and buy every item on the list simply consider these items to help present your game to the other players, remember a good DM is a prepared DM.

Table and Chairs.

Yes feel free to shout no shit Sherlock at me here but a table is probably one of the more mandatory items you should consider purchasing or have already if you host, It’s fine trying to play Warhammer for example on the stairs but as I learnt painfully too its not quite so funny when mum/dad or somebody steps on one of your miniatures. Also if you play on the floor at some point or another things are going to go missing or in the case of myself your dogs are likely to walk over what your trying to achieve. There are people who buy and make their own gaming tables full of wonderful terrain etc using their creative skills to the maximum You can usually find terrain pieces in the store you buy games from and or hobby stores. Personally if your playing Dungeons and Dragons this whole gaming table with fantastic terrain isnt really a necessity at all. If your playing for a lengthy amount of time than for the sake of yours and your guests feet and legs unles of course you happen to be a sadist.

Reference Books

Whether it be the rules of the game itself, sources of information such as the Players Handbook or a campaign guide setting or even your armies codex. Having the reference books close to hand can save a large amount of time whether it be through solving an in game query or just to thumb through for potential ideas what you can do next the reference books are an invaluable time saver in my opinion. Ideally all players should have their own copies of these but if not a spare or “house” copy can be a great idea to use.


Ok in the terms of warhammer and 40k your armies are essentially miniatures which represent your side in battle in the terms of Dungeons and Dragons you may have slightly more choice players find it easier to play with graphical representation of whats happening (picture books etc), Wizards of the coast do manufacture their own miniature monsters designed for Dungeons and Dragons which some players and hosts use to represent their own characters. Whilst miniatures are great to use they can be fairly expensive to purchase and some players and hosts prefer to use Warhammer figures in place of the Dunegons and Dragons miniatures I know the witch king of Angmar can make a very good detahknight/lich representation. Alternatively if you can’t afford to buy miniatures don’t despair the Red Box and or the monster vault boxes both provide a fairly decent selection of POG monsters (cut outs) and characters. On another note however you can use pretty much anything to represent heroes and monsters with one gaming session I attended minature chocolate bars were used to depict the monsters which made for a sweet encounter, The same DM who used the chocolates in the past also uses plasticine minis designed by his daughter which really cpature the imagination aspects of Dungeons and Dragons.


Ok in the terms of Warhammer this includes tape measures but in Dungeons and Dragons it involves things like pencils etc something for you to keep track of whats happening to your characters and or monsters pencils are dirt cheap to buy and hell if you dont want to buy them just pop into Argos and steal them. Other things that could be determined as stationery include dice paper, PDA if you have one.

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4 Responses to “Gaming Essentials”

  1. dogbombs October 5, 2011 at 1:43 pm #

    Dice help 😉
    Unless you’re playing Castle Falkenstein or Deliria (deck of cards) or Amber (er, nothing!)

    Food and drink. Some kind of munchies that don’t get in the way too much.

    If you’re wanting quick and easy (2D) terrain, you can’t go wrong with the tiles from Fat Dragon, and for 3D I’d go with WorldWorks and their marvellous TLX line. Other terrain options are available and your mileage may definitely vary. Once you go down this route, however, watch out for printer ink costs!

    • dnddad October 5, 2011 at 2:04 pm #

      Actually my baby daughter clicked publish by mistake heck this article was going to include master plan etc and some other neat touches for the discenring host as for munchies round ours we stretch to tea and coffee atm due to shortage of cash but in the past yeah you get a group of friends round have a pizza or whatever prior to playing.

      • dogbombs October 5, 2011 at 2:18 pm #

        I suffer from similar problems with premature posting but it tends to be the cats rather than the kids!

  2. vobeskhan October 6, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

    Many moons ago when I was still playing 2nd Ed AD&D, I started with just a couple of friends at home but then we started running a group at the local school (Mundella Community College, for those with long memories). As we were open to all students of the school, they gave us a bonus of funding some additional items, we purchased an additional PHB (bringing us to 4 available), several sets of dice, a dozen assorted pencils and even a couple of modules to get started with. This was in addition to the huge collection I already had for myself.

    Even though after 6 months, the only student that still attended was one of my original friends/players we had gathered a core of regular gamers (via an small hand-drawn ad on the notice board in Another World) and we continued up til the school was scheduled for closure (in the early 90’s).

    After that the next large group I played with was a mix of family and friends at one of their homes around their large kitchen table, though I still supplied the majority of the “equipment”.

    Since starting to play 4e on a regular basis I have had the pleasure of playing with people who actually have their own books!! and as DnDdad said above I’ve used various alternatives for miniatures. I do prefer to have proper miniatures for pc’s but for monsters then pogs/counters are a good cheap alternative for gaming on a budget and there are some very helpful people that have “shared” theirs through the wonder of the internet for those of us on tighter budgets 🙂

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