Danger of Online Gaming For Children.

2 Oct

It seems that todays children live in a society where the playstation network or xbox live systems are available readily for them to play online their favourite games against their friends and other players, and yes just like internet chatrooms not everyone is as they seem. Yes take that guy in your guild guys you know the one who says he is fifteen and lives near you yes ok he could well be who he says he is but how do you know? and what about that female wizard you were talking to suddenly developing a deep voice the world of online gaming is far from safe.

If your going to allow your teenage children to use these facilities than please make sure they know the dangers first. To help combat this I have designed two lists one for the teenagers and kids online whilst the other is for the parents/guardians.


  • Never meet anyone online offline on your own; It doesn’t matter if they think your being a baby or whatever by saying I’ll take my parents/guardian etc if they are genuine then they will understand.
  • If someones talking about a subject that you don’t feel comfortable with tell them keep your response polite if possible. If the person keeps insisting on discussing uncomfortable subjects don’t be afraid to hit that ignore person button and report them all online game communities have moderators who will investigate these people for you.
  • If you are talking to someone you know through an online program or application never give them anything confidential or personal to do with you do you really want to be giving away your bra size penis length to someone you know only online? If you would than I recommend you run out on the street and inform every other Tom, Dick and Harry you meet.
  • If you agree to meet someone inform your parents first of your plans and abide to what they say they aren’t trying to be killjoys for the sake of it they are just trying to keep their child (you) safe. If they say no it means no inform the person you are chatting to if they are genuinely who they say they are try and get your parents/guardian to speak to their parents/guardian.
  • Photographs mean shit just because you receive a photo showing someone who looks similar to Zac effron/Miley Cyrus doesn’t mean that they actually look like that I fell into this trap myself when I was younger and nearly ended up meeting  an Anne Widdecombe lookalike for a romantic encounter eugh!
  • If you do meet someone and you get the feeling something isn’t quite right don’t be afraid to make an excuse and leave don’t feel pressured to go to their house.


  • Monitor your child’s usage on these programs if you feel they are getting too involved with someone who they met online talk to your child and listen to them.
  • Set up a contract with your child regarding the rules of what you expect them to abide by and what you will allow them in return remember to explain consequences for not sticking to the terms.
  • Many programs particularly on the playstation network have restrictions which a parent can apply limiting the stuff your child can access if your child is under 18 you may want to configure these preventing from playing certain games.
  • If you catch your child taking indecent photos of themselves for anyone ring the police and ban your child from talking to that person and or using that facility again.
  • Remember to be in control don’t let your kids rule you particularly over something as potentially dangerous as this.
  • If you are going to allow your child to meet someone off the net discuss a plan detailing times where you will be in case of emergency it’s better if possible to meet with your childs ‘friends’ parents/guardian with your child that way if you find something you or your child don’t like you can leave safely.
  • Try to stay calm if arguing with your child remember you were young once and whilst you may not have had the luxury of online communities there were still the dangers of strangers etc.
  • Hopefully you will never need to use this service but if your child is the victim of a sexual harrassment or abuse ring the police and or the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000. Remember its better to be safe than sorry.

So there you have it the dangers and preventative measures of online gaming. Remember guys play safe have fun and stay alive.

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