Millions Of Minions

29 Sep

In this blog I am referring to the denizens of Dungeons and Dragons in particular the minions group the ones that drop like flies in encounters (hopefully) you all know what I mean whether you refer to them as cannon fodder, red shirts or weaklings. Whatever you call them they can play a crucial part in an encounter combined with other types of troops of course.

When visualising minions I find that the best inspiration comes from Tolkein’s Lord Of The Rings particularly in the Two  Towers where thousands of Uruk-hai beseige Helm’s deep the majority of these orcs and humans in Dungeons and Dragons terms would be described as minions. I’m not saying however you should recreate this battle as an encounter (although that would be brilliant).

I recently read a blog post about using just minions to create a brawl encounter (you can read that blog here). A group of minions on its own however shouldn’t be too much of a threat for the players.

I feel as a DM one of the better ways to use minions is as a first wave of attack slowing the players down enough so the evil wizard can knock off a fireball or two at the party. My first use of minions in my campaign consisted of them being supported by meatier characters such as a hexer and a few others which made for a fairly balanced encounter.

This is only one use for minions however consider a battlefield encounter with both sides using minions and maybe just a single other creature type on the field making minions the more prominent threat.

Either way the versatile minion is a great tool whether just to pad out an encounter or to be part of a bigger strategy.



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2 Responses to “Millions Of Minions”

  1. vobeskhan September 30, 2011 at 10:36 pm #

    Having played through plenty of the older editions I must admit that like the addition of minions.

    All classic fantasy has the BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) that the heroes finally get to face AFTER facing off against hordes of underlings and a couple of his trusty leiutenants.

    My only quible is whether you should automatically identify minions from the rest of the encounter. Of course if they all wear “red shirts” its easier lol. But I think using the structured encounters makes sense, for example:-

    A hobgoblin warchief accompanied by a couple of Bugbear bodyguards, a small squad of hobgoblin soldiers, but loads of goblin minions to harry the ranks of the players. But dont just plonk the gobbo’s straight on the board, release them in waves every couple of rounds in the combat.


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