Why I am A Niche Blogger

26 Sep

I have seen countless people who write about pretty much anything, my wife is one of those plagued by word vomit we call it, then we have people like myself  who will blog about one or maybe two different subjects and so we are labelled “niche bloggers”, to me that is like saying that people with word vomit blog simply to get hits on their sites. Now before anyone starts I’m not criticising bloggers at all some articles that I have read have been really informative whilst others have melted my heart. In fact I have never read a bad blog post.

To me when blogging I write about my interests (gaming kids etc) I steer my metaphoric blogging car away from current affairs as people have newspapers for that. I guess what also puts me aside from most other bloggers is my individual writing style I always try to remain informal bordering on the verge of comedic wherever possible, as well as knowing my blog site isn’t for everyone heck if you have no interest in kids or gaming then tbh my blogs not going to be the one for you. Unlike some people I know full well I’m never going to get 400 hits in an hour nor am I ever likely to ascend to the prestigious and glorious heights of elite blogging and do you know what I don’t fucking care. I’d rather just have three people in the world read what I write than have a bunch of jumped up trolls commenting on everything I do.

So because I waffle about mainly two subjects does this make me a niche blogger or does it mean I know where my comfort zone is and won’t stray away from it?

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