A rant about humanity

26 Sep

A major thing that pisses me off about the general public is their attitude to parents with babies sure they are all “aww isn’t he/she cute when your baby is awake but if you are in a  queue  or waiting to get on or off a bus see how these ignorant bastards  push in front and use every dirty trick they know to block/cut you up and that’s not including the other push chair users who see the pushchair space as theirs even if they happen to be 15 places behind you in the queue.


Yes ladies and gentlemen it’s all out warfare to get that pushchair space before anyone else and hell if that means cutting someone else up or being a general prick than fair enough. It’s not just one group of people that do this though it is everyone including I add myself, why we do it I don’t know, is it just in our programming to be their first or is it because we are all impatient bastards? You then have specific groups (mainly the elderly and the heavily disabled) who feel it is their divine right to be able to push in the front a famous and well used quote by the elderly being “they fought in a war” whilst a disabled persons carer will look at you in disgust.


Another thing is if we are on the wrong end of being pushed in front of why do the majority of us (myself included) resort to potty mouthed language yes you know the kind I mean. Heck I have seen people even assault each other just over such a trivial matter. This sort of language if coming from your childs mouths would shock you all no doubt, yet we freely use it whenever we are transgressed.

I use the phrase trivial matter my wife is one of those that struggles to keep me calm when a member of the public does me a discourtesy over some things which yes after around 10 minutes do seem just a trivial matter yet at the time we can find ourselves ready to kick the living shit out of the transgressor ok metaphorically speaking there unless you’re a mindless thug you actually won’t do such a thing.

It’s not just the buses that people get impatient over even the everyday school run can turn into a nightmare for people with babies, the school that my eldest daughter attends requires that you leave your pushchairs outside whilst you chaperone your child inside.  Combine this with the holding of a baby in your arms also and you create a rugby-esque style contact sport as fellow parents’ barge by you knocking into you and your baby trying to get their child into the school.

There are very few people who will actually try and help you by holding doors open for you something which does make you feel that there is still humanity in the world.



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2 Responses to “A rant about humanity”

  1. Mum2babyinsomniac September 26, 2011 at 5:46 pm #

    I hear you, I find the looks I get just for pushing a buggy shocking. People refuse to move out of my way and give me dirty looks if I ask them and quite frequently will try and make me get of the pavement into the road so they can pass if there is not enough room. Of course I don’t but I can’t believe they think I should. I am often tempted to ram it into peoples ankles!

  2. dnddad September 26, 2011 at 5:59 pm #

    I actually have ran over many a ignorant persons foot etc. Accidentally ofc.

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