Behind the Screen Gaming Session 8.

22 Sep

If you are on Obsidian portal and you follow my campaign you’d have probably read the prelude to gaming session 8 already if not here goes, Treetop village the adventurers first port of call in the campaign appears to have been the victim of another attack dead guards littering the ground etc whilst panicking villagers run amok being a little indicator of this. I am using Master plan for the first time to assist me with the presentation of this mini campaign.

Unlike most of my previous scenarios there is I feel more storyline in this one and should hopefully (all going well) will provide the players with an insight to Leshanna’s past. Whilst creating this campaign I decided to work on the aspects of the game that I was less familiar with skill challenges and storyline taking centre stage alongside the standard dungeon trawl.

I don’t know if it’s just me settling into the role of a dungeon master but in this campaign I have decided to use a flowchart depicting the individual choices the players could make which hopefully allows me to make the game flow more easily, I am one of those people that tend to have a multitude of pieces of paper regarding ideas just floating about and sometimes putting them into any discernable order often becomes it’s very own skill challenge. I know have a flowchart which resembles a spiders web with its various directions and boxes.


One of the major differences I noticed about the preparation of this mini campaign compared to campaign series such as Forgotten Realms. I’m not knocking or picking faults with Dungeon Masters that use printed scenarios for their parties as they still require a degree of organisation to present to the players, but if like me you have created your own world for your players to live in there is a whole lot of planning that a Dungeon Master needs to do.

One of the key elements I always try to incorporate in everything that I do is humour, this has been quite challenging also particularly in this mini campaign after the Treetop village has been attacked how much of a sense of humour are the people going to have.

Possibly the most fun I have had with this is the creation of the NPC’s. Yes I am going to have to introduce even more of these people some friendly, others not so, in all honesty the designing of the NPC’s has taken up most of my time.



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One Response to “Behind the Screen Gaming Session 8.”

  1. vobeskhan September 22, 2011 at 3:04 pm #

    ooh, time for silly voices and a hearty role-play session. I wonder if Leshanna’s story will endear her to Casdin the rogue (or plunge her further into the “bad books” of the wizard hating elf).

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