Alternative gaming night entertainment

22 Sep

If your like most people I know you probably hold regular gaming nights where you and your friends do battle with each other to ascertain who is the best with Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and HALO being some of the more popular choices for a gaming session.

Although video games are great fun for the players concerned (who can resist laughing at being shot in the groin area whilst in real life you went to take a swig out of your beer can). For some players board games and card games may seem a better bet so maybe if you’re hosting a ‘gaming night’ try one of these games out instead and leave your console off (this will save money from electricity use).

For the sake of space and time I have omitted to include any of the rules associated with these games.

Settlers of Catan

The overall objective of this game is to get 10 victory points before your rivals (the other players) do. To earn victory points players have to build cities for themselves and gain resources on which to expand their empires, the game uses little wooden shapes to depict this where cards are used to show resources as well as facilities such as markets etc.

The initial set is big enough for up to four players and can be expanded further with the addition of an extra set which includes enough tiles, pieces and cards for 2 more players bringing the total number of players up to 6. Perhaps the best thing about this game is it’s easy to learn yet difficult to master with a variety of different strategies which can be employed as well as it’s potential to be suitable for older children 11+ (although there is no actual violence within the game the strategies concerned are probably too difficult for a child under 11 to grasp). I paid £24.99 for my copy of the game with a further £5.99 for the extra pieces, which I know can seem expensive but the hours of fun you can have devising strategies for the game can quickly render the price irrelevant. Extra expansions of this game are available cities and knights etc. This game I am glad to say is available in nearly all game and hobby shops which makes it fairly easy to obtain. There are also several computer games based on this game which have increased it’s popularity.





For those of you who prefer a more traditionalist style board game then RISK may be more for you. In this game you get to control pieces reminiscent of the Napoleonic wars, in which you use to try to conquer the world. The game RISK has been around since 1957. The traditional version uses a board representing a political map of Earth which is divided into forty-two territories in six continents. To win the game players must fight for control of every territory on the map eliminating the other players in the process.  In addition to the standard version of this game their are several other versions which jump on succesful film franchises with a star wars version, lord of the rings and many more, like Catan, RISK is available in most shops and several computer games based on this game have also been made.





Fans of the Discworld series will probably be the most interested in this game. The game itself is a copy of Lord Vetinari‘s favourite pastime, the action features around a THUD stone players control either the dwarves or the trolls with the objective of the game being to eliminate as many of the other pieces as possible. A game of Thud takes two rounds with the players swapping sides after the first game. Although not a game I own myself THUD is a very good and addictive game which features some superbly made playing pieces, and of course an unusual octagonal board. The only downsides to THUD is that it is not readily available and may only appeal to die-hard Discworld fans.

Crossbows and Catapults





If firing pieces of plastic at other pieces of plastic is your thing then why not try this great game. The objective is simple to crush your opponents forces with crossbows and catapults what makes this game so cool in my opinion is that it you can play it with your children fairly easily (although you probably should let them win). Various sets and victory conditions can be made. Unfortunately however I have not seen recently a shop which sells this product. Although the game is readily available on e-bay.







Loosely resembling a game of American football Bloodbowl has it all.  Players control a team of 16 players of which 11 are out on the field at all times, the purpose of bloodbowl is simple to score points against your opponent like in a normal football match, to score points players can kill maim and seriously injure their opponents players to make it easier for them or to simply try to play it like a normal football match. The series Bloodbowl has been turned into a computer game. In addition you can buy extra accessories such as cheerleaders and apothecaries for your team also. Sets are available sometimes but again E-bay is probably your best bet if you want to purchase this game.

Magic The Gathering





Finally we have Magic the gathering a TCG (Trading Card Game) where players control a deck of cards filled with spells,lands etc to try to take their opponent out in a myriad of ways, including reducing a player’s life total down to zero, or emptying their library. The game features literally thousands of cards which can help a player to achieve these aims with five main colours players can build a menagerie of decks encompassing multiple playing styles . Although Magic the Gathering is usually played between two people there’s no reason why it can’t be played by four or more players simultaneously. Although Magic the Gathering is readily available to purchase in most game shops it can become quite an expensive hobby with some individual cards costing in excess of £1000. Just like Settlers of Catan the rules are easy to understand but the strategies can take a long time to master.

So there wehave it why not consider trying one of these great games next time your hosting a gaming night?







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  1. vobeskhan September 23, 2011 at 5:06 pm #

    Bloodbowl is awesome (and if your just cant leave your gadgets alone there is a console version) and Thud is just hilarious. Keep your eyes peeled also for the new Ankh-Morpork board game too 🙂

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