*Guest Post* Tweet RPG – Fun, free, follower-defined adventures! by @Tw33t_rpg

16 Sep

Love RPGs? Want to take part in awesome adventures on Twitter, playing alongside other role-playing fans? For free? Best get over to Tweet RPG!

 Tweet RPG is for people who love getting stuck into an exciting role-playing adventure, people who want to take hold of a narrative, shape the events and influence the outcome. Our adventures place you in the driving seat as the protagonist of the story. Each major decision is in your hands. Will you attack the well-armoured knight, or try to sneak past? Help the stranded space-pilot, or continue on your way? Take the quick and dangerous path, or opt for the slow and safe route? The choice is always yours.


It’s not always easy to find the time to engage with epic quests. With work, education, family and other commitments demanding to be prioritized, role-playing gaming can sadly be put on the back-burner, a forgotten afterthought of halcyon days. That’s where we step in! Our adventures only require two things – a Twitter account and an imagination! With only a couple of tweets a day, you can be at the helm of exciting stories that unfold right in your Twitter Feed.


Each Tweet RPG adventure is carried out through story updates posted twice daily, morning and evening (UK time). At the end of each story update you’ll be given options as to how you want the story to progress. To make your choice, send us a tweet containing the hashtag that corresponds to your choice, along with a little comment or some narration. When it’s time for a new story update, the votes are counted and the choice picked by the majority determines the next step of the tale. It’s that simple!


This is where another really fun aspect of Tweet RPG comes into play. Whether you’re playing as an individual character, a group of adventurers, a massive army or an entire species, you’re always working together with other Tweet RPG players. Whilst some special story choices do provide one player with full control over the narrative, you’ll be playing alongside fellow warriors for the most part, with everybody’s thoughts and opinions thrown together to guide the hero’s path. Will your comrades agree with you? Should you try to influence their choice? Tweet RPG is about role-playing gamers banding together as an online community, who love stories and want to enjoy shaping them together.


Tweet RPG is about being able to get involved causally, as little or as much as you want. All the gameplay mechanics, such as combat rolls and stat testing, take place behind the scenes – you won’t need to carry about your eight-sided dice or character sheet all day to join in the story. We want it to be easy for you to jump in and out of the action as you please. If you miss a couple of votes it’s not the end of the world – just head over to our blog and catch up with the story tweets and weekly summaries. You can also find extended prologues and epilogues for each adventure, setting the scene and bringing the story to a thorough conclusion.


And possibly the most important thing about Tweet RPG – it’s free! No subscriptions, no monthly charges, no hidden costs for extra character upgrades. Dropping the royal ‘we’ and speaking as an individual, the only thing I want to achieve from running Tweet RPG is sharing my passion for writing and role-playing games with like-minded people. My reward is to see the players engaging with work and enjoying my storytelling.


Our first adventure was a fantasy tale called ‘King Slayer’. The players took on the role of an elite assassin warrior, sent out incognito to kill the king of a brutal invading nation. We’ve gone with science fiction for our current story, ‘Starfall‘, where the protagonist is a young orphan who has been forced to take part in an intergalactic battle contest, in which contestants are pitted against each other in giant robotic AuGArma battle machines. For future stories, there are so many genres we’d love to try – horror, cyberpunk, detective fiction, historical fiction, fan fiction etc. Let us know your favourite genre and we might end up using it!


Clearly we think Tweet RPG is brilliant – but don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what people are saying about us:


“Tweet RPG is the best thing I’ve come across on Twitter in a long time.” – @LandrasGembar, Tweet RPG Player


“If you have ever played an RPG then give this a go.” – @longwhan, Tweet RPG Player


“Innovative, intriguing and very creative!” – The RPG Guy, RPG Blogger


“A new way to get your gaming fix. Look out Zynga and Facebook – you may have some competition.” – Gaming Tonic, Tabletop Gaming Site


If Tweet RPG sounds like something you’d like to try out, head over to www.tweetrpg.blogspot.com, and follow @tw33t_rpg on www.twitter.com! Fun, free, follower-defined adventures are just a tweet away!

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