Lack of Hobby/Gaming Stores in Leicester.

13 Sep

Ok so this is basically not a rant I’m actually optimistically hoping that a business man or someone with the financial backing will think hell yeah lets set up a gaming store in Leicester. What do I mean by a gaming store?

Well ever been to Spirit games in Burton on Trent in the UK?

To put it short and bluntly maybe even rudely they pretty much could p*ss all over our so called gaming shops in Leicester. Even when we had Phoenix games here in Leicester it didn’t even compare to this shop, and I cannot understand for the life of me why we couldn’t have something similar here.

Leicester has a decent number of gamers ranging from Magic the Gathering to LARP. Yes we have a games workshop store in the city centre but no central building or area for Dungeons and Dragon‘s players, Magic the Gathering, as well as a growing number of Catan players (I introduced my friends to the game a couple of years ago).  Being a geek and playing and enjoying these sorts of games naturally had me looking for other players. Yeah we have websites such as meetup groups and all that jazz but nothing compares truly to sitting around a table face to face with other people playing a well loved board/strategy/wargame.

In one of my earlier posts involving children in Dungeons and Dragons there are many benefits to these games maths, english and social interaction are just some of these. Not knocking Spirit games at all however it would be easier from a player from Leicester’s POV to have somewhere in Leicester that did what they do.

So please if there are any business people out there could you sort it out for us Leicester geeks.

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One Response to “Lack of Hobby/Gaming Stores in Leicester.”

  1. vobeskhan September 14, 2011 at 2:06 pm #

    Have to agree, Spirit Games is a fantastic place, just too durned far for regular visits.

    As has been mentioned elswhere, Tabletop Tyrants have a gaming area and would probably be ok with D&D’ers but there really isnt a lot of room there (unfortunately as the store and staff are great!).

    With the advent of the WoTC D&D Encounters program and the new Lair Assault, a venue in Leicester would be awesome but as others have said its not a money maker (though on our last visit to Spirit for the Neverwinter Games Day we must have spent in excess of £200 between us – mostly me and Liam lol). It would be so bad if a store just “sponsored” a program but due to the Wizards Play Network rules it has to host it too, and most stores would prefer to dedicate floor space to retail rather than gaming.

    Aside from the Games Workshop network of shops, most game stores are treated as just a back street nerd haven. Until the community as a whole gains greater acceptance we will be relegated to “mom’s basement” and similar venues.

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