Spur of the Minute, off the Cuff Humour and Dungeons and Dragon’s Funnies

12 Sep

May contain language not suitable for children.

As I may have mentioned before humour is a fairly big factor in both the campaign I run and the campaign I currently play in, with the campaign I play in we have had such funny anecdotes as why don’t you build me up Ettercap parodying the well known song Build me up Buttercup. As well as an ample supply of “You shall not pass” being boomed around the gaming table to the innuendoes of goblin hexers and their mighty rods (see where this is going)? Whilst in my campaign most of the humour has been dry apart from the recent addition of an infectious song whenever someone rolls a critical hit. “You got a critical hit how do you do that shit you got a critical hit”.

I guess the reason why we have so much humour within the campaigns is many-fold both of the groups that I am involved in  have an assortment of sense of humours with some merely being plays on words (build me up ettercap and oh foiled again)! to the innuendoes of “haha, your character has just been tea bagged by a hexer and of course you have been fisted against your will. The second reason is because humour is an important part of being alive and I feel that it eases people into the game, particularly new players as well as serving as an ideal icebreaker.  Humour can often diffuse a tense situation which can keep the group together. Besides who seriously can keep a straight face when being informed that a monster has just critted themselves :).

As everything though you should probably unless you plan on running a comedic campaign or gaming session keep your jokes balanced finely with the gaming if you have a party of serious pro gamers throwing a custard pie at the lich isn’t likely to go down to well, when your party are busy exploring the ruins of a Vecna temple etc.

As a DM you have the opportunity to turn a critical fail (natural one) into something funny such as what I did when a rogue rolled a one I simply informed the players that the lock pick he was using snapped in the treasure chest thus raising the DC (difficulty challenge) of their next attempt by 2 a factor that soon becomes bread and butter for any DM. As well pretending to break wind whenever someone uses their second wind power. A fellow DM and good friend of mine incorporates this too with seal sound effects whenever someone casts astral seal to spectral ram (cue sheep sound effect).

As a player there will inevitably times where you will find something ironically funny like busting out a daily spell missing or critting only to find out you have killed a minion or not, to watching a rogue fail spectacularly to disable a trap only for it to blow up in their face etc.

So whether you play or DM and you get the urge to make a joke about the situation feel free it’s your game as much as anybody else’s and as Tordek the Dwarven bard once said “Friends, Eladrin and clansmen lend me your beers”.

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One Response to “Spur of the Minute, off the Cuff Humour and Dungeons and Dragon’s Funnies”

  1. vobeskhan September 12, 2011 at 5:29 pm #

    A bit of humour in your games is great and sometimes a really good tension breaker.

    Yes that criticcal hit song is infectious ha ha. Wait till you watch the vids, if you think our games have innuendo, we are but ametuers compared to these guys 🙂

    Wil Wheaton, Penny Arcade and PvP Online D&D game at PAX:

    Part 1
    Part 2

    Funnyness aside these vids and their predecessors are great for players and DM’s alike to get ideas and see how one of the best (in my humble opnion) DM’s does it.

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