Developing a Universal RPG *Guest Post by @Genesysrpg *

11 Sep

It all started out with an off-handed comment.  We had just finished playing a game session, and one of us said “I bet we could do this, but make it better”.  It was one of those things that you, half, pay attention to; but as the hours and days go by, the thought just builds.   Soon we were having conversations like “What if we did try to write our own game” and “Could this really work?”.  Although the three of us had no direct experience in the gaming industry, we certainly had abundant experience as gamers.  Each of us had at least 30 years playing traditional pencil and paper RPG’s as well as computer and console games

Our age put us in the unique position to play and own every system from the Atari 2600 to present day.  We grew up with the gaming industry, watching and participating in each milestone development.  And although video gaming has come a very long way, pencil and paper RPG’s have always been our true passion.  There is nothing like holding dice in your hands, your friends and the GM awaiting a critical roll that can decide the outcome of a campaign…and then throwing the dice.  Video games can never capture the impromptu role play of a character getting him or herself out of a tricky situation.

So, we wrote our own.  Fittingly, since we were creating something for the first time, we came up with the name Genesys, spelled with a “y” to incorporate the word system in the name.  Genesys is a universal RPG that is fast, efficient, and fun.  The game combines RPG elements with a card deck that is used in combat and to determine initiative.  Fast however, does not mean simple.  A GM can teach a new player how to play the game in 10 minutes, but there is abundant depth to the rules and underlying strategies.  Fast in this case means efficient.  We wanted a game where you didn’t have to look up tables or charts while you were playing.  The rules do not get in the way of the game, and you get to roll lots of dice, which gamers always enjoy.

Genesys is not the first universal RPG, but it does incorporate the universal rules into it’s mythos and setting.  Players assume the roles of beings known as Fates who can cross into other timelines.  Fates are organized into one of the Nine Houses, who sometimes work together and sometimes oppose each other. Each House has its own agenda, and Fates are sent into different worlds to carry out these tasks.  Genesys can be played as a hack and slash dungeon crawler, a cloak and dagger spy game, a sci-fi alien world explorer, or even a political intrigue drama within the Houses.   Any adventure you can think of, you can run.   To learn more about Genesys, visit our website at:

Genesys is still in the Alpha testing stage, a prototype Fate Deck has been created and we are receiving daily input from our play testers on our forums.  We are about midway through the Alpha phase, and have a few more slots open for new play testers.  If you’d like to become an Official Genesys PlayTester, email us at:   Join our growing community and help create something special.

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