The First Day of School by Amy from

8 Sep

Well, I was having blogging withdrawal after someone saw fit to report me to WordPress and I now have no posting capability. Dan very kindly made me a user so I could get it off my chest.

I am fuming. I have 2 guest posts to go up and nothing scheduled for tomorrow. Then there’s the fact my little girl started school today, I can’t even write about that and share the pictures. So I’m sharing them here

I managed to wait until I’d left the school before I let the tears fall. At first she didn’t want me to leave, then she started talking to the other children (all as nervous as she was); she was soon ushering me out of the door.

I turned back, just before I walked out the door, and she was smiling and playing with the other children; she briefly looked up at me and waved. That’s it, she’s now officially a child. She was so excited about going and ready; I, however was not ready for today.

This day is monumental by far, yet it hardly managed to get any photos this morning, there were so many parents all snapping away with their phones, that I just couldn’t get in.

What didn’t help was the gobby, chav, mum screaming and swearing at her daughter outside and the fact they spelt┬áCaitlyns┬áname wrong on her peg, the put a ‘m’ instead of a ‘n’.

We shall see how she got on later, I hope that those 2 faults are not how things are to go on.
The Madness of a Mum of 3


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