Kitty’s first day at big school

8 Sep

Well where do I begin eh I guess from the start would be best, so here goes nothing.

It was at about 6:55 AM when I was woken up by my youngest who was acting as an unofficial alarm clock for both me and Amy. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I woke up it was Thursday the day of new beginnings for my eldest daughter who was due to start school, as I approached her bedroom to get her out of bed a sudden wave of emotions hit me, this little child whose life I had been involved in since June 2009 was taking her first steps towards her education, the tears started to make an appearance as I brushed them away from my eyes.

I made the children their breakfasts before rolling myself a cigarette. A quick check on the time  showed that it was fast approaching school time. As Amy and I battled to get the children ready for Kitty’s big day I was relieved indefinitely to hear her talking about it, she seemed excited and wore her uniform with pride. I can honestly not describe the enormous feeling of pride shown by Kitty this morning. As we made our way out to the house, Kitty’s excitement piqued particularly when we stood opposite the school “Theres my big school”, she shouted excitedly as several other parents were also experiencing their first school run. We made our way to the school entrance where we waited patiently for the Foundation staff to let the new arrivals in the fears I guess every parent has crept in such as What if no one plays with my child? and the major fear of what if someone bullies them? I was equally concerned over the uniform I had visions of her shoes coming back scuffed etc.

There was the relieved feeling when Kitty returned from her first day with her uniform intact as I asked her if she’d had a nice day at school she replied “yes”,

and then just when I breathed a sigh of relief, I realised it wouldn’t be too long before my youngest starts.


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