How my Daughter infultrated my DnD Group with the Poo Goblin

4 Sep

I guess my first encounter with the poo goblin was by my three-year old step daughter who decided to tell me that it had stolen her Rapunzel doll. As days went on the adventures of this strange creature began to surface mainly from Caitlyn’s mouth. It started with the poo goblin showing Caitlyn his special “poo goblin” dance before moving on to “Daddy quick the poo goblin’s under my bed”, desperate to find out who this poo goblin was I searched frantically for him to no avail.

The mysterious poo goblin started to become a regular feature at my house with the creature showing up in Caitlyn’s hands, and of course his actual home as Caitlyn told me is the toilet.  To this day the poo goblin features heavily in my house with Caitlyn insisting that whenever she has a biscuit the poo goblin has one too. I suppose asking the poo goblin for rent is out of the question. Caitlyn’s even edited the words from Row, Row, Row Your Boat. To fit the poo goblin in.

The  true identity of the poo goblin was revealed whilst Caitlyn was watching that 1980’s classic film Labyrinth for anyone that knows my family personally will know roughly how many times Caitlyn has asked for this film to be put on and how many times she has watched it.

The creature Hoggle who falls into the bog of eternal stench is my latest theory behind ‘the who is the poo goblin ?’mystery with Labyrinth being a key focus on Caitlyns imagination.

I guess the first time the poo goblin infiltrated my D&D group it was subtly with the comment just being passed around in discussion for a start but as Caitlyn’s grandfather plays in my D&D group as does her aunt, I guess its fast becoming inevitable that Caitlyn’s fictitious poo goblin creature would make its impact now in our group sooner rather than later, heck Caitlyn’s demanded that the poo goblin actually turns up in a game session soon to wreak sh*tty havoc upon the PC’s.

Only a couple of things remain and they are whether it attacks like a kobold slinger at range or up close and personal with a stench aura.

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One Response to “How my Daughter infultrated my DnD Group with the Poo Goblin”

  1. mryjhnsn September 4, 2011 at 9:57 pm #

    I love Labrynth, your daughter’s imagination andthat you used the Golgotham! Sorry it invaded your D&D.

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