Legacy of the Tarrasque a guide to the characters

1 Sep

The group so far….

Casdin is an elven rogue and the only known survivor of the slave ship incident the remaining survivors were killed along with a half elf whilst dealing with a young white dragon. His only major hope at the moment is to find out what happened to his friend, he had a vision not so long ago of some bizarre gladiatorial game which involved his friend on the top of some podium blindfolded just so he and some other people could fire arrows at people sickening isn’t it?

Meanwhile the Eladrin wizard Leshanna joined the group in the hopes of one day becoming powerful enough to challenge for the right to be the head mage at the college of arcanic studies in Pavelock city. Not an easy task for a wizard who seems to have wound up Casdin somewhat.

Trying to keep the group together is the indomitable Kosh a goliath Warpriest of the Raven Queen as he serves his deity he wonders what great turning point will be happening to the Treetop village.

Gruumbar is probably the most enigmatic of the group so far he talks little of the homeland he failed to help protect. He adventures purely for vengeance against those that killed his tribe brothers.

The eccentric Torstein a half orc ckeric of Kord joined only recently after being held captive in a cage he soon made a name for himself despatching two deathjump spiders with nothing more than an iron bar. Although he hasn’t forgotten his first duty which is to retrieve a herb that will save his tribe from a dreadful plague.

Finally we have Kadish a dragonborn cavalier who fights for the good in the world defending the virtues of his faith, he ventured into Treetop village looking to right some wrongs.

So there you have it I have yet to include the list of NPC’s although my players havent yet had much involvement with these, and only Casdin has actually spoken to anyone other than the group seriously you’d think the proprieter of the Loaded Goblet would develop a complex about this.

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2 Responses to “Legacy of the Tarrasque a guide to the characters”

  1. vobeskhan September 1, 2011 at 6:07 pm #

    Just to be accurate;

    Kosh is a Warpriest of the Raven Queen (Heroes of Shadow, pg86) not a Warden (Players handbook 2, pg152), and though I havent seen his sheet to confirm, I’m pretty sure Torstien is a PHB1 Cleric (not a Heroes of the Fallen Lands Warpriest). 🙂

  2. dnddad September 1, 2011 at 7:52 pm #

    Thank you I have corrected it now lol I shouldnt blog when half asleep plus Torstein is more of the war priest build although not from the essentials build or anything like that more with what sort of magic spells his approach to combat etc.

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