The strangest bank holiday for quite a while (a tale of D20’s, Hitler and Rassilon)

29 Aug

Let me start off by saying the peculiar events I guess began on Friday the 26th August with me in the Enderby Co-Op I’d been sent there by my wife as we needed some necessities anyway whilst wandering down the aisles of the supermarket (who really knows why these places don’t stack their products in a logical order) I spotted a young man wearing a Dr. Who T-shirt cue the “accidentally” bumping into him and greeting him with “This is the game of Rassilon” and watching how the young man didn’t quite understand what the hell I was on about his reply was equally as funny something along the lines of “and that’s why I don’t do solvents”.

A good D&D session on Saturday I thought would eliminate any randomness and peculiarity out my head clearly at this point I’d forgotten who exactly is in my group and it wasnt long before the topic of conversation descended down into the gutter faster than the Jam sponge went down into my intestinal tract. Surprisingly enough we didn’t need the involvement of any hexers and their mighty rods to cause the group to descend to laughter and innuendoes although the inclusion of my three-year old may have had some input into that. I suggest if you want to know what happened in the last gaming session you should click here

After the group had dispersed a quick cigarette and coffee later I was ready for the continuation of the new series of Dr. Who episode name Let’s kill Hitler as I watched the Time lord and his assistants travel to 1930’s Berlin to stop Melody Pond  also Dr. Who’s assistants child (confusing isn’t it) they ran into the German leader of that time one Mr. Adolf Hitler who the assistants after Rory assaulted him decided to lock in a cupboard, personally and I’m not trying to turn my blog post into a Dr.Who episode reviewer (I’ll leave that one to someone else thank you very much). I’d have prefered a little more involvement from the Fuehrer (I beg your pardon I seem to have misplaced my umlaut) particularly as the episode was titled “Let’s kill Hitler” I guess it was more catchy a title then lets lock him in a cupboard after punching him.

I do apologise if you were planning on watching the episode and feel cheated in what you have read all I can say on that point is oh well jump in the TARDIS and go back to an earlier point of time then simples.

I guess the only thing that was missing from the bank holiday weekend was the notable absence of any James Bond film or of course the evergreen Zulu, the time of these long being a staple ingredient of a bank holiday seem to have disappeared mores the pity.

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One Response to “The strangest bank holiday for quite a while (a tale of D20’s, Hitler and Rassilon)”

  1. The Mad Mum August 30, 2011 at 11:23 pm #

    You waffle some utter tripe you know that babe?

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