My wonderful children

23 Aug

I would like to take this opportunity to write and unleash on to you all an article about my wonderful children.

Before I met my wife I decided I didn’t want children as I viewed them as a pain in the arse and a financial drain instead I wanted to breed dogs and exotic reptiles (I have always been interested in reptilian creatures). All this however changed when I met my wife who had two children from previous relationships. It wasnt too long that I was introduced to the screaming horrors Amy called her children, First there was her eldest daughter Caitlyn who thought I was trying to replace her father, see raising another mans child for more.

Then there was Joshua Amy’s eldest who was under the impression that I was a timelord.

We became friends with each other extremely quickly whilst subconsciously my mind was preparing to adapt with living with children, I still wanted to breed dogs and exotic creatures but fast realised around children particularly young children this was not going to be practical and so becoming more interested in my new-found friends activities became my main priority in life.

I started finding myself picking him back up if he fell over and getting involved in his imaginative playing of pirates etc.

With Caitlyn I struggled more to bond with her at the beginning she was a stubborn child who could turn from angelic to demonic as fast as I could breathe. I had to adopt a different strategy to engage with her films such as the Disney princess collection became a firm favourite with her as did Labyrinth which she still watches repeatedly today. There were so many differences and still are between the two of them with Josh starting to take an interest in football which he plays in a club and is doing well I hope one day to see him pull on a Leicester City shirt and score a hat trick against another team. Caitlyn is starting school and I’m sure her intelligence and beauty will make her very popular as well as succesful within the school. Who knows perhaps a future of television and or dancing will await her?

As for my daughter Lilli-Ann I do not know as it’s really too early for me to form an opinion on her yet yes she is also very intelligent like her sister and brother (she has recently started saying mum mum and ber ber for bottle). All I know is that these three wonderful children are part of my life and I wouldn’t be the man I am today without them in my life. I still want to breed dogs and exotics however I just have put these plans on hold until my children are a little older.

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