Riots in the UK and other news

10 Aug

I would like to start off by saying well done Mr. Cameron for making the decision to cut short your Tuscan holiday to help sort out the national emergency  although their were initial reports that he wouldn’t be leaving home early, before deciding to sort and serve the interests of the British public (basically his job).

The riots in London have shown the bad side of life in Britain and whilst it is in the rarity that these things happen it is painfully obvious to the business owners that have potentially lost their livelihoods that maybe our police force isn’t equipped sufficiently to deal with this, sure we may have made hundreds of arrests since the riots began however I’m sure I’m not the only person who is thinking prevention is better than the cure. So what was the reason for these riots?

The answer lies in the death of 29-year-old father of four who was shot dead by police which caused protests in his home area before violence ensued on the streets of Tottenham before the riots spread to other areas in London, before incidents of “copycat” riots hit cities like Birmingham, Nottingham, Liverpool and Leicester, I think this personally has got out of hand I am all in favour of peaceful protest to demonstrate your grievances with a system etc but not a fan of mindless violence and anarchy which is what the weekends events descended to. The way I see it is that the looters that are caught and charged should be made to clean up the communities they have seen so fit to befoul, possibly even working for the businesses they looted free of charge. More concerning was the ages of some of these people taking part in the rioting with children as young as 7 being spotted.

If there are some positives to take from these events its the cleaning groups that have been organised in response with many of these being set up on social media and networking sites.

I am please also to report that the football season began last weekend with a win for my home team against Coventry followed by a convincing performance against Rotherham in the league cup last night it looks although its only early days the Sven Goran Eriksson revoloution looks to be setting the right tune with the fans, coupled with their big spending Thai owners it’s not beyond the realms of imagination to predict a good promotion season this time.

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