Fires in the Forest

10 Aug

The forces of Llanowar were used to threats in their
homelands constant invasion attempts from other races in Dominaria countless
years of conflict had taught them to remain vigilant and trample over their
enemies but still it had been several years since the last attack.

The sound of the battle horns echoed throughout the forests
as elves all around reached out for their weapons to face the oncoming foe a
bolt of lightning came crashing down killing a Llanowar elf instantly.
Meanwhile smoke billowed throughout the forest cutting the elves off from each
other not knowing what each other did the elves panicked as another lightning
bolt came crashing down striking this time at the forest itself. As the Silhana
watched awaiting the arrival of enemies to emerge they saw no sign of enemy
creatures themselves but saw the painfully agonising sight of their own
homelands catching fire one by one the trees were ablaze their elven comrades
started to drop like flies throughout the forest.

As the remaining elves rallied they were certain that this
wasn’t just another invasion attempt there had been no forces as such entering
the forests it seemed more of decimation, annihilation of their homes. The horn
started again as the elves held firm fire raining down on them but still they
held firm suddenly a single elf wearing a set of the blanch wood armour stood
fast he spat on the ground “by Krosa are we going to let this be the end of our
race?” and with that he boldly charged towards the source of the fire he was
gone for what felt like an eternity suddenly the fires stopped and he emerged
victorious but soot stained after the arduous attempt.

Inspired by the bravery of their elven brother the elves
rallied charging straight into the flames after the smoke had cleared only the
Silhana remained knowing that conflict was beginning again.

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