Starting off the group how you all meet

8 Aug

Countless campaigns of having your character introduced to the rest of the party whilst in the local tavern really got me thinking perhaps we need a more interesting starting off point other than a tavern and so the brainstorming began around more in-depth introductions for a group. Being something of a fan of the films Gladiator and Spartacus it seemed only natural to pick ideas from their stories into my own the most common being that they were at one time both slaves and so the introduction had its first major pointer slavery.

It wouldn’t be highly unimaginable to assume that in a fantasy world there would be slavers and slaves alike (slaves perhaps being criminals, peasants, kidnap victims) whilst the slavers being criminals that hadn’t yet been caught.  Trying also to avoid the whole you were all sold to the same person as well I went for the old stormy sea route which of course damages your ship forcing you to walk an encounter with some larger monsters was the perfect way to allow the Players to escape and of course grab their items off the dead and away they went to the town they had heard about. If I could have turn back time in future I’d have probably begun the session with a skill check finding their way towards civilisation instead of combat straight the way.

The main purpose I feel of the ice breaking encounter is to capture your players interest from the start, knowing that I was effectively introducing the game to one of the players I decided to show them combat first and how that worked.

There are going to be inevitably times where a tavern meeting is unavoidable take for example losing most of your pc’s to a dragon, which does force the DM‘s hand towards the tavern direction. Coupled with a fairly interesting storyline I now run a group of 6 player characters through the nasty dungeons.

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2 Responses to “Starting off the group how you all meet”

  1. vobeskhan August 13, 2011 at 7:40 pm #

    The traditional “Your all in the pub” is a tried and tested staple of D&D and always will be.

    With having to introduce one or two new pc’s you can try something different, so far we have had Father Tully’s charge from the temple into the battle with the white dragon, the rescue of the captured Wrynn from orc captivity, and the ace-wielding stranger joining the fight against the kobolds.

    I remember on one of the game days the adventure started with us waking up at the bottom of a pit, having had our food drugged the previous evening by well-meaning but seriously psycho locals that needed “heroes” to deal with the problems below. (sound familiar Dan :-D).

    • dnddad August 23, 2011 at 1:38 pm #

      The purpose I was trying to get across was try and be original yes the pub intro does serve its purpose but for a more interesting starting maybe a DM could consider a different style where the group are all deserters from an army or something the possibilities are of cause limited only by an individuals imagination, personally I dislike the meeting in a pub as it has been overused in the campaigns I have played in.

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