Being a DnD Widow, by the DnD Dad’s Wife

4 Aug

When I first met Dan, I knew he was a geek, and that grew ever more apparent when I visited his home and his bedroom was full of Magic the Gathering cards (and a mountain of porn mags); but it wasn’t until he moved in with me, that I realised the full extent of his geekyness. He was into Dungeons and Dragons.

My ex and his step father had been into DnD and Mik (my ex’s step father) had spent the duration of me living with them trying getting me to play. I’d had a go, but it just wasn’t for me; in fact, I’d rather chew my arm off then endure the game!

Dan eventually joined Miks group and every other Saturday I lost my husband. After our youngest was born, he set up his own group, which he DM’s, and now every Saturday, I become a DnD widow.

Not to mention losing him most Sundays and Mondays to his friend James for magic the gathering. He tries to talk to me about the games he plays, as I guess he would love to share this common ground with me, but he might as well be speaking latin for all I know. It not a hard way of life, it means I get plenty of me time and more time to work on my own things such as The Real Supermum Blog, but I do miss the Saturday lay in’s with the kids and movie night just me and him.

He’s a ps3 gamer too, so together time is few and far between, but when we do finally get time together, that space apart makes it just that little bit more special. We’re both unemployed at the moment (both through our health) and being in the same house 24/7 makes tempers fray quite quickly. Taking time apart, even in the same house, makes are relationship stronger and the, once frequent, arguments a thing of the past.

I’m a DnD widow and I love it 😀


3 Responses to “Being a DnD Widow, by the DnD Dad’s Wife”

  1. Doc Halloween August 23, 2011 at 4:08 pm #

    Dear Widow,
    Think of it as not loosing a husband but gaining “ME” time for yourself. You “cooouuld” join Dan and his group. Better yet you can search yourself to see what you like and go find other people to enjoy you alls time apart. Then you will have new subjects to talk about when you are together.

  2. dogbombs October 5, 2011 at 8:00 pm #

    Out of interest, have you tried Magic on the PS3?

    • dnddad October 5, 2011 at 8:49 pm #

      yes I have magic 2011 on my ps3 account.

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